At Invictus Magic, we have one goal: online training environment for people who want to learn effective and new ways of learning magic tricks. A whole new way to learn magic that’s never been done before.

This is our passion. We do things a little differently than other magic stores.

Through decades of experience, we have become known in the magical community. We are a resource for all magicians.

We are a magic company for the development on the principles of magic. This website offers instructional videos and media for learning about the art of magic. Invictus Magic is the premier resource for learning about the art of magic for magicians old and new.

Our artists, is what gives Invictus Magic its epitome. Our service is bar none. And our creative group is crazy — we barely sleep, and we will bring you the best magic, the best talent, the best training possible.

Established in 2017 by a magician passionate about sharing the experience as he likes to say it. We believe the real secrets of magic are discovered through the authentic self-expression of the art. This is our culture.

Magic is a powerful tool for connecting people and stimulating growth and development.

Invictus Magic is located in Wayne, New Jersey. We sell & create magic tricks, DVDs, videos, and performance supplies to magicians of all skill levels throughout the world.

Coming soon from Contest to Free Giveaways. We will have whats new & going on in the magic world. Free Tutorials to Vlogs. Live streams and much more so stay tune Like, subscribe and share.

We have some big Plans!!!!

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