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This is John Bukowski’s refined interpretation of the Second deal, Bottom Deal and Second from bottom deal A.K.A. The GREEK Deal. 3 of the most highly regarded false deals in the world of close-up magic. In this download, John teaches the subtleties and nuances that will make your False deals invisible, and flawless. Filmed in high-definition, you’ll learn every detail of technique, from Grip to finger placement, and hand motion to bring your second deal to the next level.

When you alter the grip on the deck when switching between false deals, and the shift in grip can ultimately expose the move. With this grip and dealing process that is built from the ground up on the exact same grip, your false deals can flow seamlessly from one to the other, all while remaining invisible. The finger placement and grip result in normal mechanics look without the teltale signs of finger movement when bottom and greek dealing. With this technique you dont have the DEAL LAG when your dealing regularly and then false deal, IT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

John has created a whole new way of doing these deals that have eliminated the deal lag and finger movement and its easy and deceptive!!

John will show you how to second deal with only 4 fingers and bottom deal with only 3 fingers!! That’s how easy it is. (the 3 and 4 finger technique is for practicing only)

But all who buy this will get john’s One Handed Bottom Deal. (which use that 3 finger thing). When it comes out the middle of June 2018 for FREE!

Technical Breakdown:

  • The Grip
  • Strike second deal
  • Bottom Deal
  • Second from bottom deal A.K.A. The GREEK Deal

This is the easiest second, bottom and greek deals you will every do!

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