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This is an attractive Lapel Pin that was designed by Richard Micucci. It has a magnetic back that will not damage whatever clothing you want to wear it with. The design is based on the famed Ouija Board also known as a spirit board or talking board that was used to communicate with the dead.

The best part is that it has some hidden magical uses. Watch the trailer for some of the ideas and read the three card trick suggestions below.

Probably Rich’s three best magic trick ideas using the Ouija Pin are:

1) By placing a sticker on the magnet with a prediction on it you can slide the magnet, so the prediction is revealed through the hole.

2) By attaching a magnet underneath your mat and placing a bunch of cards in a row with the selected card over the magnet a spectator can move the Ouija Pin around until the magnet captures it and reveals the selection.

3) By marking the selected or force card you are able cut and spread the cards on the table and let the Ouija point to the packet where the selected card is, or the actual card in a spread.

The pin is made of Nickle plated Iron with black enamel and a magnet attachment. The size is around 1.5-inches by 1.25-inches. It is custom hand-made in New Jersey. No instructions.



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